Friday, May 13, 2016

SK-II Review!

I recently received another Influenster Box.  This box contained SK-II products.  I received the Facial Treatment Essence and the Facial Treatment Mask.

I have tried both products and I was pleased with them both.  The mask came in a pouch and was a face shaped cloth pre-loaded w/the treatment.  There was no guesswork in how to apply or how much product to use.  I simply laid the cloth on my face for 5-15 minutes.  I left it on for 10 minutes.  It was very soothing and cooling to my skin.  Once I removed it, there was residue of the product on my face - there were no instructions that told me if I needed to let it absorb, rub it in, or wash it off.  I chose to rinse it off.  The after effect was nice smooth skin.  I couldn't see a big difference from before using the product to after, but that might come with using the mask multiple times.

The Essence is water-like in consistency and you simply rub about 4-5 droplets of the product on your skin.  It's supposed to hydrate your skin and keep it well nourished.  Again, I haven't seen a real difference since using it, but I also haven't been consistent with applying it.  It's very easy to use and has a very mild almost unnoticeable fragrance.

Ultimately, I don't know if I would recommend this product or not -- it is quite pricey.  I would have to see much better results before making the purchase on my own.  Perhaps if I had problematic skin w/dryness or more wrinkles I would see a bigger difference so I may not be the best tester of this product.

I did receive the samples free of charge through Influenster, but the opinions and reviews expressed here are my own.