Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cupcakes for the #MiniWin!

In my last post, I mentioned that I am an Influenster.  Today, I got yet another box to test!  This box contained Tastykakes Mini Cupcakes!!  Who doesn't love a cupcake?!?!?  

We celebrated getting this box because cupcakes!  Cupcakes are their own reason to celebrate!  I had Audrey and Amy help me "unbox" the goodies that were sent from Influenster.  While they sent me the products free of charge, the opinions on said products are my own.  

I was sent a box of Reeses peanut butter mini cakes.  These are chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter filling and frosting....YUM!  The cupcakes are small and come 3 to a package....the box comes with 8 packages so you get 24 mini cupcakes per box.  Not a bad deal at all!  They are "big bite" sized cupcakes.  I prefer to eat them in 2 bites, but you could easily put the whole thing in your mouth if you want!  I like to make dessert last as long as possible!  ;)  

Overall, I think this is a great product.  Good taste, good value, and easy to pack in a lunch!  Win, win, WIN!  

You can check out other Tastykake products by "liking" them on on Facebook at and/or following them on instagram at

I'm looking forward to my next box!!  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I'm an Influenster!!

So...I noticed a post from a friend on Facebook one day about being an Influenster and I did a quick google search to figure out what it was.  Basically, it's a social networking deal that combines product testers with products and then has them review them on different platforms of social media.  FUN!  I filled out a quick profile and answered some questions and then I wait.  Every so often, the people at Influenster will contact me with a survey to see if I'm a "fit" for one of their boxes.  So far I've been selected for 3!  Products are sent to me, free of charge, and then I post about them and review them on my social media sites.

Today, I got my second Yves Saint Laurent box!  These are high end products that I probably wouldn't ordinarily purchase.  In today's box, I got 2 lipsticks!  It's part of YSL Rouge Pur Couture line and I got shade #9 Rose Stiletto and #19 Fuchsia.  The Fuchsia looks a little bright for my taste, but the Rose Stiletto looks like it might be a good shade for me.  

I've enjoyed being an Influenster and if you think you might like to join, check them out at!