Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dear God....

So tonight, as I'm tucking the girls in, Amy asks me if she can say her prayer. Of course I oblige, as I love to hear my girls pray. Amy always starts her prayers with "Dear God, thank you for God" and then goes on to thank God for all of her family. Well, tonight, she has a boo-boo on her finger and she stopped in the middle of thanking God for her sisters to tell me that she couldn't say her prayer because her boo-boo was hurting. I told her that she should pray for God to make her finger feel better. So, Amy then says..."Dear God, please make better my finger"....and about 1 second later says, "Mommy, it's not working." I guess she has not yet learned to "wait upon the Lord!" It's a good thing a band-aid can make it feel better while we wait on God to heal it!

Sunday, May 25, 2008 the future.

Our drive home from my parents house takes about 30 minutes. We usually spend that time listening to the radio or talking with the kids. Tonight we decided to talk to the kids. We were telling them about our plans for tomorrow and that we had invited the Pruiksma's over for a day of fun in the sun. Audrey asked me if Miss E-Lan (what she and Amy call LeighAnn) still had her baby in her tummy. This sparked quite the conversation. Of course I won't remember it exactly, but I'll do my best.....
Audrey: Mommy...does Ms. E-Lan still have her baby in her tummy...
Me: Yes, her baby will stay in her tummy for several more you know what her baby's name is going to be?
Audrey: Noooooooo
Me: She's going to name him Ethan James
Audrey: (Shocked look on her face) What?!?! She's going to have another boy?? Mommy, all Ms. E-Lan has is that all she knows how to make? only made girls and Ms. E-lan only has boys. You have 3 girls and now Ms. E-Lan will have 3 boys. Mommy, guess me and Emma and Amy can dance with all of her boys......when Baby Luke and the baby in her tummy get big.
Me: What a great idea!

I couldn't wait to get home to write that one down!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls just wanna have fun....

...and a TON of fun was had this weekend!! Emma had 3 little girls come over friday night for a sleepover as part of her birthday party. The girls watched movies, played dress-up, sang songs, danced, made cookies, and stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG!!! I went to bed around 11:45 and woke-up around 2:45 and thought I should check on the girls. When I went to Emma's room, I found Emma asleep and the other girls playing a game. They said Emma had just fallen asleep. I told them they could keep long as the played quietly. I didn't need Audrey & Amy waking up in the middle of the night! A couple of hours later (I think!) I awoke to loud laughter from ALL the girls (Emma must have just taken a short nap!) and the sound of footsteps all through the house. I'm not sure what the girls were up to, but I quickly got up and asked them to keep it down!! Then....around 5 o'clock, I was gently brought out of my slumber by one of the girls tapping me on the shoulder. This time, they wanted to know if they could go swimming!!! At 5 o'clock in the morning!!!! Of course I said no but told them they were more than welcome to watch a movie or play a game. The next time they woke me up was around 7 asking for a snack. I finally pulled myself out of bed around 7:45 and helped them make some muffins around 8:30. One of the little girls finally crashed on the couch around 8 o'clock and got a 2 hour nap. The girls all had a blast and I never knew so much laughter could come from one group of girls! I really enjoyed it (even though I didn't get much sleep) because I got to see how sweet Emma and her friends are to each other. Saturday afternoon a few more girls came over for the pool party. The pool temperature was around 83 degrees, but from all the swimming the kids did, you would have thought it was much warmer! It took a good bit of convincing to get them to come into the house when it was time for presents and cake! Emma got lots of Hannah Montana things and I think she ended up with 6 new Webkinz!! Her guitar cakes were a hit and after cake & ice cream the party was pretty much over. Some kids went home, some stayed and swam a little longer. Audrey and Amy decided to go home with Angaw & Nanaw to spend the night. Emma invited 2 of her friends (from church) to spend the night that night but only one decided to stay. Sara and Emma played for hours doing crafts and singing together. Emma's fun from the night before finally caught up to her around 10 and she started dozing off!! It was right about that time that Sara started getting a "tummy-ache" and wanted to call her daddy. Sara isn't much for sleepovers and I was really surprised she lasted as long as she did! Her poor Dad drove all the way from McDonough to Newnan to pick her up!! (It took him about an hour to get here!) As luck would have it Sara fell asleep about 15 minutes before he arrived!!! It was a bit difficult to get her up this morning. I think it will take her a few days to fully recover. Sadly, I think it might take me about 2 weeks!!! But what can I say?? Girls just wanna have fun!!! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is it hot in here or is it me? No...It's definitely hot!!!

About 86 degrees hot to be exact....and that is INSIDE the house! Unfortunately, our air conditioner decided to go out on Sunday night. I must admit....I am spoiled when it comes to air conditioning. This is no fun! Our heating & air guy should be here relief is on the way. I just hope I don't melt before he gets here!!

David held a Classic Car Show at the Truett's in Griffin this past Saturday. It was quite a busy day. David and I got to work around 8 o'clock and got busy with the preparations. The car show started around 10 o'clock....but the "real show" started around 11 when I donned the beloved "Kid Cow" costume. I probably had a little too much fun, but seeing as how I was in "costume" it didn't bother me a bit! I got plenty of rave reviews from David's employees and was even asked to repeat my performance the next time they need the Kid Cow!!! I think I may have found my new calling! I should have pictures soon....LeighAnn took some pictures with her camera before taking over as the Cow. I'm waiting on her to send them to me...and then I'll have to figure out how to re-size them to put them on here. If you can't wait to see them, mosy on over to her blog (Pruiksma's Progress -- linked on the side of my page) and check out her slide-show.

On Friday, Emma is having her first slumber party. She's invited a couple of girls from her class at school and a friend from the gym. We are hoping that they get to come (being that it's the last day of school AND Memorial Day Weekend). We have lots of fun things planned! Saturday we are having her birthday party....Hannah Montana style. It looks like the weather is going to be perfect for her pool party!! She is looking forward to turning 8!! My how the time has flown by!

I guess I'm going to go and sit in front of the fan's pretty bad when you work up a sweat just typing!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Where to begin?

So...It's been a while. I think my last post on my other site was in October. Several months have passed. There is no way I'll remember it all. I think I'll just hit the basics.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were fun. Mom & Dad came and spent the night with us on Christmas Eve and I think the girls were more excited about that than they were about waking up on Christmas Morning to a room full of presents!

New Years was spent at the Nugget Drop at Truett's Grill McDonough. We had a few days of snow in January. That's rare around these parts so we took plenty of pictures and even made a snowman. In February, David and I attended the annual Chick-fil-A Operators Seminar in Orlando. We had a great time with friends and can't wait until next February when we go to Long Beach, California! Truett really does take care of his Operators (and spouses)!!

Audrey turned 5 at the beginning of April. It's hard to believe she'll be in Kindergarten in the fall! She has enjoyed being in Pre-K at Emma's school. Emma has been a great big sister and has faithfully walked Audrey to her class every day. In the Fall, Emma will be on a new hall and Audrey will take over the "escort" role as she'll get to walk Amy to her old Pre-K class on her way to the big "K".

On April 25, David and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. We went away for the weekend during spring break (Thanks Mom for the childcare!) and just spent our actual anniversary at home with the kids. David cooked his famous "Lindley Broil" for dinner and I made a cake. After dinner we watched our wedding video. The girls LOVED it! After the video, we had sparkling juice and cake. Audrey so sweetly asked me, "Mommy, now that you got married again, do we get to go back in your tummy and be babies again?" It was so cute....I hated to disappoint her and say no, but, thankfully that is not possible!!! :)

That brings us up to the most recent occasion of Mother's Day. On Friday, I attended a Mother's Day brunch at Amy's preschool. We were treated to a "Mommy Loves Me" song and then were able to eat a yummy lunch. We had handmade placemats and flower pots with handprint flowers! So sweet! On Sunday, we celebrated with Mom & Dad with our annual trip to the Varsity for lunch (It's Mom's favorite!). After filling our bellies with chili dogs, chili steaks, onion rings and fries, it was back home. Mom & I left the kids with Daddy and Angaw and went to get pedicures! We had a lot of fun! Of course, no Mother's Day would be complete without some sort of handmade goodie from the kids. Audrey and Amy each brought home questionnaires about Mom....I'll be sharing some of the answers shortly! Audrey also brought home a beautiful pin that I wore proudly. So, on to the great Q & A's.

Q: I like it when my Mom??? Amy's response: plays in puddles!
Q: My mom is as pretty as a???? Amy's response: lipstick
Q: My mom looks pretty when she?? Audrey's response: gets married
Q: My mom is smart, she even knows?? Audrey's response: numbers

I will certainly cherish these forever!

That brings us up to date. School is out in 2 weeks. Emma's birthday is on Memorial Day this year. She'll be 8!! We will be having her "Hannah Montana" party the day after school is out. Other than that, our summer plans include a week vacation at the beach!

There is never a dull moment at this house....I'm sure I'll have plenty to blog about soon! Until then, keep checking in!!

So good....

I want to send out a special THANK YOU to LeighAnn for being so kind as to talk me through some of the "set-up" of my page. I think I've got it figured out for the most part, so hopefully I'll be able to keep this updated.

Stay tuned for an update on our last couple of months!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Trying again.... last blog didn't go so well. I never quite got the hang of the site and could never seem to get it to do what I wanted it to do. I would really like to maintain a blog...just for my own memories if nothing else! So....I'm going to give this one a shot. Hopefully I'll be able to personalize it the way I want and keep it updated! Wish me luck and check back often!

The Lindley family