Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Speaking "dog".....

I can always count on Audrey to make me laugh...whether it's her snoopy sounding giggle, or a funny little dance, she always brings a smile to my face. Last night was no exception!

Emma was a little ill last night with a fever...our dog Molly wanted her to play anyway. Molly kept barking and nipping at Emma trying to convince her to play along. I told Molly to leave her alone, that she didn't feel well. Of course, Molly didn't stop...she kept right on bothering Emma...I told her again to leave her alone and moved her away from Emma. When Molly jumped back on Emma a third time, Audrey looked over at me and said, "Momma, you have to talk dog to her. She doesn't understand what you are saying." I laughed to myself and thought...I can play along with this. So, I proceeded to "bark" at Molly. While I was barking, Audrey interrupted and said, "Mommy...make sure you don't tell her what you got her for Christmas!" I guess I speak "dog" better than I thought. I assured Audrey that I wouldn't tell her...and then "barked" at Molly one more time. I asked Audrey if she thought Molly understood what I had said and she said, "Yes, because Molly speaks "dog", too." :)

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