Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Feeling inspired....

So....it's been almost a year since I last blogged. For some reason, I just can't get into a habit of updating this site at all! I'm not going to close it down...and I'm not going to make any promises of updating more often. I think I will just update as inspiration strikes...hence this post. While I fail at updating my own blog, I do read several blogs on a regular basis. (You can find these on the side of my page.) My oldest childhood friend, and by oldest I mean the friend that I've had the longest time (almost 23 years!), recently blogged about her husband and listed 100 things she loved about him. A day or so later, a mutual friend of ours from high school was inspired and wrote her list of things that she loved about her husband. So, here I am, feeling inspired to make my list. I would like to note that the three of us have all been happily married for over 13 years and we all married our high school sweethearts. :) (Technically, David and I didn't start dating until after we graduated, but, we each had a crush on each other our senior year.)

So, here goes.

100 Things I love about David

1. He tells me he loves me, multiple times, every day.

2. He likes to fall asleep watching boring things on TV like History Channel or Discovery Channel.

3. He has a GREAT sense of humor, that not everyone gets.

4. He can be shy.

5. He drove over an hour to visit my Dad at work to ask for my hand in marriage.

6. He loves to hold babies, and isn't nervous to do so.

7. He worked full-time while going to college and paid his own way.

8. He is an amazing athlete, and does well at just about every sport he tries.

9. He does not like scary movies.

10. He holds my hand whenever we pray.

11. He has never raised his voice at me.

12. Before he ever asked me to marry him, he told me when he got married, he would NOT get divorced.

13. He has nice hands.

14. When we ran our first half-marathon together, he stayed with me the whole time, even though he normally runs at a much faster pace.

15. I think he is excellent at his job.

16. His commute is around 1.5 hours (round trip) and he does this willingly to provide for his family.

17. He loves being a father to all girls.

18. When we got a dog, he let me get a girl.

19. My happiness is important to him.

20. He loves to cook.

21. He is an awesome cook...and has created some of his own recipes that are amazing! (Bruschetta and Lindley Broil, just to name a couple.)

22. He carried me over the threshold on our wedding day.

23. He let me wipe the sweat off his forehead during our wedding.

24. He is tall, but not too tall.

25. When we hug, we fit.

26. He remembers our many anniversaries....date of first phone call, first date, when he asked me to marry him, etc.

27. He has special "Daddy's Little ____" names for each of our girls.

28. He is artistic.

29. He has a special way he draws each of our girls' names.

30. He likes to doodle.

31. When he doodles, he usually doodles my name.

32. He will send me random texts, just to let me know he is thinking about me.

33. He encourages me.

34. He cares about his employees.

35. He is a man of integrity.

36. He calls me "his girl".

37. He loves to play games.

38. When he tucks our girls in at night, he tells them to "blow out the light"...every time.

39. He tucks me in, too. I also get to "blow out the light."

40. He will dance with me, even though he doesn't like to dance.

41. When he is out of town, he misses me....even if it's just overnight.

42. He is still a kid at heart.

43. Sometimes when he tucks in the kids, he will surprise them and start a pillow fight.

44. Just the other day, he started a pillow fight....in the middle of a department store. He threw all the pillows off the shelf at the kids....and then he cleaned them up.

45. He collects Hot Wheels.

46. He will let me pick what we watch on TV.

47. He is always appreciative and says "Thank you" often.

48. He can wiggle his ears.

49. He willingly handles everything when the kids get sick because he knows I can't handle it.

50. He trusts my instincts on knowing when we should take the kids to the doctor or not.

51. He cut the chord at all 3 of our children's births....even though he gets grossed out at that sort of stuff.

52. He shares his work day with me, and often asks for my advice or opinion.

53. If he sees something he knows I would like, he will buy it for me, "just because."

54. He prays for me.

55. When I get frustrated over something silly, he doesn't get upset.

56. He is always calm.

57. He still has his Monchichi doll from when he was a little boy.

58. He is an excellent daddy.

59. He sets a great example of how a husband should treat his wife.

60. When we kissed at our wedding, he pulled my veil off. :)

61. In high school, he flirted with me by throwing starburst wrappers at me.

62. He still throws starburst wrappers at me.

63. He puts his arm around me at church.

64. He is a faithful tither.

65. He handles all of our bills and our budget.

66. When he looks at me, I still get butterflies.

67. He makes a delicious chocolate sauce, and will make it for me whenever I ask him to.

68. He listens to stories he's heard before (sometimes multiple times) about my childhood with my brother.

69. He has never disrespected me.

70. He was my rock when my brother died, and when my dad was diagnosed with cancer.

71. He is always willing to rearrange his schedule when I need him to.

72. He is my best friend.

73. He will make my coffee for me.

74. He has beautiful eyes....the perfect shade of blue.

75. He is competitive, but has good sportsmanship, even if he loses.

76. He doesn't complain.

77. He always calls me on his way home from work to check if he needs to pick anything up for me.

78. He likes to hug me in front of the girls...and he always tells them that he loves me very much.

79. He went to all of my OB appointments for all of my pregnancies.

80. He took great care of me when our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

81. I had surgery last year and couldn't do any housework for 6 weeks....he maintained our house (laudry, dishes, and meals) without falling behind.

82. He encouraged me to get Lasik, even though it is expensive.

83. He always gives me a hug and kiss goodbye.

84. He has been known to plan great surprises (like a trip to NY) for me.

85. He is trustworthy and can keep a secret.

86. He loves to go on dates.

87. He is great at picking out clothes for me.

88. He is always willing to help others.

89. He makes me laugh every day.

90. He still flirts with me.

91. He decorates the envelope of every card he gives me.

92. He always thinks I am beautiful, even when I have bed head.

93. He will run my bath for me when I want to take one, and the water is always the perfect temperature.

94. He puts the toilet seat down.

95. When he cooks dinner, he will fix my plate for me.

96. He laughs out loud while watching TV....even at shows he's seen before.

97. He loves God more than me.

98. He is always honest with me.

99. He appreciates my thriftiness.

100. He always kisses me goodnight.

Thank you Heidi and Jamie for the inspriration!

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