Monday, May 14, 2012

Updating...'s been a while.  A long while.  I'm still here....plugging along through life.  Things stay pretty busy around here.  Emma's first year of middle school has been a great success.  She's done really well and is very self-motivated which I love about her.  Her grades are excellent -- all A's with one B (in gifted science) but here at the end of the year, she's pulled it up to an A.  She also will be receiving an award this week at the Awards celebration.  I'm so proud of her and the young lady she is turning in to.  Audrey and Amy are doing very well...finishing up 3rd and 2nd grades, respectively.  They've both had great grades as well...mostly all A's this year with a couple of B's at different grading periods.  They are excited for the summer to begin.  They will all be attending Winshape Camp for Girls 2 week camp this summer at Berry College.  We are excited for them and are wondering what we will do without them for 2 whole weeks!

David and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary on the 25th of April.  We are truly blessed to have such a happy marriage.  I thank God for him daily.  And, David is the reason for me updating this blog today.  Yesterday was Mother's Day and I was showered with wonderful gifts and had a really nice day...then, last night, as I was heading to bed, he brought me some paper and said, "here is some reading material for you to read before you go to sleep."  I looked at the paper and he had written "100 Things I love about Angie."  You may remember that last summer I was inspired by a couple of my friends who had written 100 things they loved about their husbands and wrote my own list.  David was surprised by my list and has said that it is something that he cherishes.  He wanted to do the same for me.  He also gave me permission to put it on the blog.  So, here I am...ready to share it with you!  Here goes....

100 Things I Love About Angie Lindley
1. You are Mrs. Fix It – You wear they tool belt in our family and I’m not ashamed to admit it
2. You can give our John Deere mower a tune up
3. When you surprise me with Happy “Day of the Week” Gifts – just because!
4. Your commitment to going to the gym
5. Your dance skillz
6. The way you fold laundry 
7. Your organization of loading the dishwasher
8. Your magic act of cooking a meal and somehow beyond comprehension not having dishes to wash when finished
9. We are best friends
10. That you show me respect as the head of our household
11. That you love me too, also, as well
12. That we can be examples of a mom and dad’s love in front of our girls
13. That when I tell you I am running to the store without missing a beat you suggest that I drive
14. I think you are very smart and wise 
15. Seeing you fix the girls hair and when you girls have your nail painting parties
16. Your ability to pronounce words blows my mind especially the ones you haven’t heard before 
17. Your amazing sewing talents 
18. You’re the best Chick-fil-A Cow ever!
19. Your body
20. Long hair
21. Your fearlessness around seagulls – it’s very admirable to me : )
22. How you can meet new people
23. How you are supportive of me
24. How you don’t nag me
25. That you don’t talk bad about me to your friends
26. I could gaze into your green eyes forever
27. Your soft kisses
28. Your handwriting
29. The neatness of when you take notes 
30. That we ran our first half marathon together and finished together!
31. The cute little girl smile you give when you are happy about something
32. Every memory of mine that you are in
33. Our Story!
34. The deliciously consistent cup of coffee you make
35. That you decorate the house for each holiday season
36. You are Thrifty
37. How you can make me laugh
38. The shape of your ears
39. That you enjoy mowing the lawn and surprise me by mowing it at times
40. You are a very fast reader (and you can remember what you read)
41. That you are all natural – hair color, nails, etc.
42. Your commitment to go to all the practices and games of our girls’ activities
43. That you like the same sports teams I like and have shirts of each team – Go Gators , Braves, and Red Sox!
44. That you created and wear your “I love my husband” shirt often
45. That you come watch any sports games I play
46. That you are my first girlfriend
47. The awesome birthday cakes you make
48. That you will shoot pool with me
49. That you collect owls
50. I love going to the gym together
51. That you have always supported my “Chick-fil-A Career” : )
52. Your parents
53. Being able to know your brother Robby 
54. When you wear Bath and Body Works – Sensual Amber
55. When you wear my favorite perfume – Xia Xiang – which I have translated to “the scent of Angie”
56. Your work ethic – you don’t stop until it’s finished
57. When I change the radio station from Christian music to something else and you always ask “What, don’t you love Jesus!?” : )
58. You in heels
59. You get my humor
60. You have given me my favorite gift ever even though when I got it my reaction was less than happy because I didn’t know how much I would come to love it – my iPod
61. We work together in life making it as easy and cooperative as possible to live together
62. You believe in Jesus
63. Our song is Always by Bon Jovi
64. Your nightly routine of a glass of milk before bed
65. Always kissing each other goodnight before bed
66. Your random text messages letting me know that you are thinking of me
67. You pray for me
68. The recipes that have become family favorites – shrimp chowder, potato soup, bbq chicken, and of course Country Fried Steak & Mashed Potatoes!
69. The Florida Gator Quilt you made me with accompanying pillow
70. When we have breakfast dates
71. Holding hands in the car
72. That you are dependable
73. You are a fire pit champion fire builder!
74. Your fearless attitude in doing new things
75. That you still had a crush on me after high school ; )
76. You are well spoken
77. Your southern accent that comes out every so often
78. When you offer to drive
79. You are an amazing mommy to our girls
80. You are a great forever wife where sometimes that doesn’t seem long enough 
81. The things you love in life that I have come to equally love – Yorkies, crab legs, and dark chocolate to name a few
82. You have an amazing instinct of when or when not someone should go to the doctor for medical attention…sorry about your fingertip 
83. You are a social butterfly and that you can also listen
84. You are forgiving
85. That you made me a list of 100 things you love about me!  I cherish it : )
86. That you didn’t ask me to make you a list of 100 things I love about you…therefore I get to make you a list on my own terms! : )
87. You are great friend to your friends, very supportive, and always attends weddings, showers, and parties they throw 
88. When you flirt with me
89. You are the perfect height for our hugs and you give great hugs
90. You are very timely and keep us all on time!
91. You have a great memory – I love how you remember all the details in our lives from dating details to all the details of our girls growing up
92. That you are faithful and I have no doubts about it
93. That you don’t need make up to look pretty
94. Your playfulness
95. You are honest with me – especially about my clothes (even making me feel good when you describe my sweater as “tight”)
96. That I know I can be completely honest and transparent with you about anything
97. Taking walks on the beach together
98. Your modesty and balanced classiness in the way you dress
99. That you take care of the gift buying and wrapping 
100. That you love me unconditionally 
101. That you know I have to always out do you and I know you will try to out do me : ) I have a list to treasure.  It was a great way to end my Mother's Day.  Hopefully it won't take me another 9 months to update again!  

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