Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Her lens popped out"

So today, I'm sitting on the couch watching "The Women" when I get a phone call from the Elementary School. As a mom, when you see that number pop up on caller ID you know it's usually not a good thing. So, I answer and hear, "Hi Mrs. Lindley, this is Nurse Liz, don't panic everyone is okay." Whew, that's a relief. The nurse then says, "I just wanted to call you and let you know Emma was just in my office and her lens popped out." At this point, I'm totally confused. Her lens popped out?? What?? The nurse, having no idea that I have no clue as to what she is talking about, goes on to explain that Emma had been in the lunchroom when it popped out so they sent her to the clinic to have it fixed. So, finally I say, "What lens are you talking about?" and she said she was talking about Emma's glasses. So, I tell her, Emma doesn't wear glasses....are you sure you called the right mother (there is another Emma in her class that does, in fact, wear glasses). Fortunately, Nurse Liz was a great sport...she knew she had the right Emma (and the right Mom) and just laughed it off. Poor thing spent 15 minutes fixing those glasses! Turns out, Emma had taken a pretend pair of glasses to school with her today without my knowledge! I was just thankful it was something simple as a popped out lens, and not anything more serious like a stomach bug. Fortunately, we've been spared from those!

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