Thursday, February 5, 2009


Audrey is in Kindergarten this year and is really enjoying learning to read and write words other than her name. She loves to practice her reading and writing. She has been writing me notes lately...and she's always telling me that she wrote them all by herself and no one helped her. Usually they just say "I love you Mom...Audrey Lindley" but tonight I found another note that she wrote....
"I see them teace the cau on a woc. I love you Mom. I like Kailyn." (Kailyn is her best friend at school) I think she meant "I see them take the cow on a walk."...(she was already asleep when I found the note, so I couldn't ask her)....but, the best part came when I turned over the paper and found....."OSUM!" and that is how Audrey spells AWESOME!

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Becky Smith said...

That's the kind of writing I like; forget the spelling and just write from the heart! :-)