Friday, June 5, 2009's been a while.

Well, here I am, finally updating the blog with a "real" update. I guess I'll start with our New York trip.

For Valentine's Day, David surprised me with a trip to New York scheduled for our Anniversary weekend. We left on Friday, the 24th of April, bright and early in the morning. We met up around 10 o'clock with our best friends, David & LeighAnn to hang out in the city. (David & LeighAnn went on the trip too, they went up a day before). We took the subway to Brooklyn and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. We had lunch at Grimaldi's Pizza (which was fabulous!) and then made our way back to the city by cab. We saw Mary Poppins that night and then went to Carmine's for a delicious late-night dinner.

On Saturday, our 11th Anniversary, we went to Breakfast at Norma's. They gave us a fruit tray for our anniversary that was both beautiful and delicious! We had a celebrity sighting there as Deion Sanders was eating there too. We assumed he was in town for the NFL Draft. After breakfast, Leigh & I got surprised by our favorite guys...they got us tickets for "Behind the Emerald Curtain" which is a behind the scenes tour of the musical Wicked. It was fabulous! We got to see a lot of the original costumes from the show and learn about what goes into the production. We were planning on heading to lunch after that, but David (Leigh's hubby) managed to surprise us even further. After the tour, he spent some time talking with one of the actors and told us we could go ahead to lunch and he'd catch up in a few minutes. Well...when he caught back up with us, we found out he had managed to get us a PRIVATE tour of Wicked. We went back to the theater and were able to see the dressing rooms, try on a few costumes, meet some of the actors and get pictures with some of the cast members. It was amazing! After that, we grabbed a quick lunch and went to see our Matinee of Mamma Mia. After Mamma Mia, we made our way to a nice dinner and then, our favorite part of the trip, we went to see WICKED! That has become our favorite show! If you haven't seen it yet, you should!! I don't want to give the story-line away, but basically you can think of it as the pre-quel to the Wizard of Oz. As one of the tag-lines states, "So much happened before Dorothy dropped in!" It's truly an incredible show! After Wicked, which was much more fabulous now that we had seen backstage and learned more about it, we headed to the Carnegie Deli for cheesecake. (You really have to have an appetite to visit the city!)

On Sunday, we went to the Brooklyn Tabernacle for church. We didn't get to stay for the whole service...we only got to stay long enough to hear the choir sing. We had to head back to the city for lunch and to pick up our luggage so we could head to the airport for our flight. The Tabernacle was beautiful and the choir did not disappoint! We had lunch at John's Pizzeria and it was so good! It was a great way to end the trip! All in all it was a super busy weekend, but it was a great one!! I absolutely love going to New York City and love hitting Broadway for a show!

I still have to blog about end of school year activities, Audrey's Kindergarten Graduation and Emma's birthday stay tuned!!!!

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Shriley said...

We saw Mary Poppins too! Wasn't it amazing?
Shirley Chupp