Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is it hot in here or is it me? No...It's definitely hot!!!

About 86 degrees hot to be exact....and that is INSIDE the house! Unfortunately, our air conditioner decided to go out on Sunday night. I must admit....I am spoiled when it comes to air conditioning. This is no fun! Our heating & air guy should be here soon....so relief is on the way. I just hope I don't melt before he gets here!!

David held a Classic Car Show at the Truett's in Griffin this past Saturday. It was quite a busy day. David and I got to work around 8 o'clock and got busy with the preparations. The car show started around 10 o'clock....but the "real show" started around 11 when I donned the beloved "Kid Cow" costume. I probably had a little too much fun, but seeing as how I was in "costume" it didn't bother me a bit! I got plenty of rave reviews from David's employees and was even asked to repeat my performance the next time they need the Kid Cow!!! I think I may have found my new calling! I should have pictures soon....LeighAnn took some pictures with her camera before taking over as the Cow. I'm waiting on her to send them to me...and then I'll have to figure out how to re-size them to put them on here. If you can't wait to see them, mosy on over to her blog (Pruiksma's Progress -- linked on the side of my page) and check out her slide-show.

On Friday, Emma is having her first slumber party. She's invited a couple of girls from her class at school and a friend from the gym. We are hoping that they get to come (being that it's the last day of school AND Memorial Day Weekend). We have lots of fun things planned! Saturday we are having her birthday party....Hannah Montana style. It looks like the weather is going to be perfect for her pool party!! She is looking forward to turning 8!! My how the time has flown by!

I guess I'm going to go and sit in front of the fan now....it's pretty bad when you work up a sweat just typing!!

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